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Aug 29, 2019

Danika Golombek joins us to discuss sharing a pour with her father and whether or not we call this thing a pod. (I vote no.)

Recorded in March of 2019.

***Spoilers Below***

Amy's Apple plus Caramel...but not horseradish is Redbreast 12.

Sunshine State is Bushmills.

Woody Harrelson...really? is Bushmills Black Bush.


Aug 15, 2019

Kaelie and Nate Highfield join us to discuss music, Ireland, Guinness, and Whiskey of course. 

***Spoilers Below***

The Whiskeys are...



Stinging Nettles is Larceny Bourbon.

Green Jolly Rancher is Breaking & Entering American Whiskey.

Hot Buttered Poirot is Whistle Pig Old World.

Can you guess the...